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Arborist and Trefeller in Bærum, Drøbak, Oslo and Akershus.

We also take on projects in Buskerud, Rogaland, Østfold and Vestfold.
Providing a full range of services; From planting new trees, felling existing trees, removing tree roots and tree stumps to everything else in between (pruning, thinning and reduction). Ekorn Trepleie AS can provide a comprehensive and professional service for all your garden and tree care requirements.
With the ability to undertake all aspects of tree surgery at competitive rates and possessing over twelve years of experience, Ekorn Trepleie AS have a high quality and efficient approach to tree surgery. This has ensured that we have become a trusted and established name in tree surgery throughout Bærum, Drøbak, Oslo and Akershus with a reputation for the utmost courteous service.
Emergency work undertaken!
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“Vi fikk i dag fjernet et stort tre av Douglas på en meget profesjonell måte. Ingen skade på syrinhekken i umiddelbar nærhet, og alt ble fjernet og ryddet på en meget profesjonell og effektiv måte. Befaring på søndag og felling av treet på mandag til en konkurransemessig pris. Vi vil anbefale Douglas på det sterkeste!

Birgitte Rådstoga 1. februar 2016, Bærum

At Ekorn Trepleie AS, we are confident that we can provide a solution to any tree problem. We understand that customer satisfaction is key to our success and that is why we work hard to ensure all of our customers receive a prompt and reliable service.
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We look forward to hearing from you regarding your tree enquiries.

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We can tell you if your tree is healthy


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We can turn your tree into custom made furniture

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Owner & Tree Surgeon

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Tree Surgeon

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May 12 2013

How to Fell a Tree

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We provide tree care services in Bærum, Drøbak, Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Rogaland, Østfold, Vestfold and the surrounding areas.